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My Mission is to make you look beautiful... Simply Beautiful!

With a decade’s experience in the beauty industry, Sheetal Amitkumar is your go-to person for the latest trends in the hair styling and make-up world. She has an experience of dressing up the most gorgeous looking brides all over the Mumbai city. She willingly adopts new techniques in the industry and at the same time imparts her knowledge to create expertise amongst others. The best quality that differentiates her from the rest is, she brings together a mix of a decade of experience along with the current global trends to make a stunning look.

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We are the team of dedicated professionals, in pursuit to do whatever it takes to make your events unforgettable. we also make sure that you and your guests will remember our work forever. Now that you know us why don't we have a meeting and discuss on how to make your Big Day even Bigger!

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